Bringing Comprehensive Sex Education to Lexington

Who We Are

Lex Ed is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to advance comprehensive sexuality education guidelines for all Fayette County Public Schools. These guidelines would advise School-Based Decision Bodies that sexual education should include not only medically-accurate information about reproduction and pregnancy and STI prevention, but should also address healthy relationships, sexual violence, consent, self esteem, LGBTQ health and identity, and domestic violence.

Did you know that the current Kentucky state standards are so vague that both teachers and administrators are not sure what they can and cannot teach?

Sexual education in the Fayette County Public Schools is piecemeal and varies widely across the district and even within schools, with some classrooms teaching comprehensive sex education and others teaching only about abstinence. The quality of education that a student receives should not depend on their zip code or socio-economic status! 


Our students and teachers deserve better!

That is why we have come together to work towards advancing comprehensive sexuality guidelines through the Fayette County School Board. 

If you live in Fayette County, please show your support by filling out our petition to let your school board member know that you support comprehensive sex education.